Monday, April 4, 2011

MLB – the first weekend

Okay, after a weekend of ODing on baseball it’s time to take stock of what we think we’ve learned (and overanalyze what is, to be fair, only about 2% of the season.) The first four days give rise to the following questions:

  • Are the BoSox incredibly overrated? Or is Texas just that good? The Rangers shut down the much-lauded “Greatest Team of All-Time” while lighting up their pitching staff. I don’t think it changes much vis-à-vis Boston, who never plays well in Arlington, but it does point towards another run from the Rangers, even without Cliff Lee.

  • Hope for the downtrodden? Baltimore sweeps the Rays, KC comes within an Alex Gordon foul ball of taking four from the Angels, Pirates and Mariners both win their opening series. Does this portend a genuine run from any of the clubs? The Orioles starters looked solid, which would be a good sign if they didn’t play in the AL East…

  • Will the Dodgers make everyone forget about the McCourts? Taking three of four from the defending champions is a good start.

  • Will the Phillies run away with the NL East? They sure looked solid against Houston. How much better might they be when their starters get some innings under them?

  • Is the Angels bullpen really that bad? After giving up leads and losing (or nearly doing so) in the first three games against the Royals, LA finally got some decent innings out of the pen on Sunday, only to give up the ninth inning tie and lose it in the 13th. So now they’re beat up in addition to pitching poorly. Lucky they had a day off before playing the Rays.

I’m sure there’s more, but maybe we’ll let a whole week slide by before drawing any more conclusions... Enjoy!

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