Saturday, April 2, 2011

Last second Final Four thoughts

So, yeah, the Sweet Sixteen went pretty much to form, eh? All of my predictions came true and I’m ready to look at the remaining four teams, none of which are surprises to me… Okay, then, at least I had one of the brackets called right (thank you, Kentucky).
Why'd I take so long to discuss the games? Just maybe I was a touch despondent about KU’s untimely exit. But, looking back, could you really expect anything else? No 1 OR 2 seeds remaining? WTH? Crazy doesn’t begin to explain tonight’s first game matchup between VCU and Butler, so I won’t even try. I think Butler will take a close one, moving on to face Kentucky in the Final. At which point, I’m going to stick with Kentucky to win it all (admittedly, this is a bit of reverse psychology, as I figure whichever team I select will ultimately lose the game, giving the title to the underdog. Sneaky, no?)

Anyway, looking forward to the games and I can only hope they’re as tightly contested as those amazing Elite Eight games were! Hope you’re staying up late across the continent to watch them with me.

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