Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening day!

It’s finally here! It is upon us. Twelve teams across six cities are throwing out their first pitch, starting at 1pm ET (7pm CET) all the way through 8pm ET (2am CET, ouch). There’s a solid triple-header coming our way on ESPN America: Detroit at NY Yankees, San Diego at St. Louis and San Francisco at LA Dodgers. I myself plan to watch at least parts of all three, however I’ll rotate out the St. Louis game for my own MLB feed from Kansas City (Angels at Royals). Additional games that one would need the MLB package to view in Europe are the Brewers at Cincinnati and Atlanta at Washington.

What’s on your agenda for the evening’s festivities? Hot dogs? Beer? Peanuts and Cracker Jacks (pretty sure you’d have to import the latter, of course). Anyway, it’s a nice break from all of the basketball drama, and I’m excited as ever about the new season. Hope that everyone is getting a little taste of home tonight!

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